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Memorable Dining Experience Onboard Sydney Lunch Cruise

Sydney Harbour: two words that define the city’s pride. The harbour is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Sydney and the reasons are aplenty. From the iconic Sydney Opera House that elegantly sits at the Bennelong Point to the numerous multi-hatted restaurants with stunning harbour views, the destination is a wonderful place to hangout with your people on any given time of the day. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend time on the harbour, here’s a catch! Australian Cruise Group, Sydney’s premier cruise operator, presents you a range of luxury cruises that are apt for dining with a view.

A Memorable Dining Experience On Board a Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise

Do you love dining out in Sydney? With numerous restaurants peppered along its busy streets and a majority of the immigrant population demanding more experimental dishes from the restaurateurs in the city, Sydney is indeed a foodie’s paradise. But if you don’t have enough patience for experimenting your way to find your favourite restaurant, we’re here for you!

Popular Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise and its significance

Sydney’s most enchanting tourist destination—Sydney Harbour—is also a popular al fresco dining spot you should visit at least once in your lifetime. For a unique dining experience, get on board a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise that is sure to make you feel special. If you’ve been planning to go sightseeing on Sydney Harbour, you have the perfect answer and that is Sydney lunch cruises. See the best of what this magnificent city has to offer you on board Magistic Cruises, a luxury catamaran cruise on Sydney Harbour.

Experience The Harbour City Onboard Famous Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise

Sydney Harbour is probably one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, owing to its white sandy beaches, a stunning coastal metropolis, manicured parks and more. And the best way to experience the sheer elegance of it all? Come on board one of our most celebrated lunch cruises on Sydney Harbour and enjoy […]

Get the best of Sydney Harbour on a lunch cruise in Sydney

Sydney is a coastal city that is blessed with the most beautiful landscape characterised by long stretches of white sandy beaches, a stunning metropol, rolling mountains and pristine rainforests. Out of all the brag worthy assets of Sydney, the iconic Sydney Harbour shines the brightest and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. You can have a wonderful sightseeing experience on the harbour by getting aboard an elegant Sydney Harbour lunch cruise that sails across its azure blue waters. You didn’t just pay those precious dollars to go sightseeing on a Sydney Harbour ferry, did you? Hop on that luxury lunch cruise to treat yourself to the best of Sydney Harbour. The lunch cruises on Sydney Harbour is an unrivalled waterfront dining option that offers more than just a scrumptious lunch.