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Why Choose a Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise?

Spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House
Capture the picture-perfect vistas of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Looking at the map of New South Wales, one might possibly get that sudden urge to travel or simply set foot outdoors...because of its enticing number of tourist attractions. Whether you’re a native of NSW or a curious tourist, the place has a serendipitous charm each time you venture to explore its destinations and Sydney Harbour remains one of the most priceless locations that has out Sydney on the world-map. Today, we shall look at how you can get a perfect picture of the historic harbour by getting aboard a lunch cruise in Sydney. 

Sydney Harbour Cruises 

Sydney Harbour is an amazing tourist destination that has several stellar attractions including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. While there are many ways to get good glimpses of the city, the Sydney Harbour cruises remain an unmatched experience. As one of Sydney’s premier cruise operators, Australian Cruise Group, provides fantastic cruise packages at affordable prices. Over the years, we have gained popularity among both tourists and locals in the city as a grand way to go sightseeing on Sydney Harbour. At present, we offer four lunch cruise packages 

Why a lunch cruise? 

You’d probably be wondering how a cruise lunch in Sydney is different from other dining or sightseeing choices. Aboard a Sydney Harbour cruise, you can not only enjoy the best views of the harbour attractions from a different perspective but also feast on some of the best Aussie and multi-cuisine dishes you’ll taste in the city. Moreover, another advantage of getting aboard a lunch cruise is that you are promised a dynamic sightseeing experience, where the views keep changing every minute. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to capture the most exciting photographs of the architectural wonders. Combining your dining and sightseeing experience is also a great way to save time whilst in the city. On board our lunch cruises, you can spend ample time with your loved ones. As you know, Aussies love long lunches and a cruise lunch could be a great pastime activity, where you can get together with your friends or family to enjoy great food and drinks. 

Splendid Photo Opportunities 

Another exciting thing about going on a cruise is that you will get to click amazing photos—selfies and group photos in the backdrop of the iconic harbour attractions. You can see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House from up close and cruise past other prominent landmarks and get inspiring clicks of them for the ‘gram. Some other unmissable attractions you can see whilst cruising are the moon face of Luna Park, Fort Denison, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Shark Island and more.   

Things to be Aware of During a Sydney Harbour Cruise 

To ensure safe dining on board our cruises, we have a set of rules in place in compliance with the NSW rules and regulations for safe distancing aboard our cruises. Since the safety and hygiene of our passengers is our utmost priority, we have been operating at a minimum vessel capacity to ensure there is no congregation of passengers and the vessels undergo deep cleaning at regular intervals. 

We also request all our passengers to be responsible and restrain from getting on board if they show any symptoms of any serious illnesses. However, the passenger may contact us to arrange a cruise transfer or cancellation. In the event if you’re feeling unwell during the cruise, we request you to inform the cruise director right away, so that we can facilitate medical assistance from the NSW Health or arrange an ambulance. We advise all our customers to use contactless payment for all on board purchases. 

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