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Tips for a Hassle-free Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Lunch cruise in Sydney with amazing food and unmatched views
Have a hassle-free cruise on board a fantastic lunch cruise in Sydney

Cruising is one of the most relaxing and interesting ways to experience a place. And if it’s your first time ever getting aboard one, then you might be riddled with so many thoughts like “Will I get seasick?” or “Is it worth my money” and the likes. Sydney Harbour is famous for its dining cruises, which are kind of a ‘taster’ cruise, unlike others which last for days. This makes it perfect for first-time cruisers. So if you’ve already booked tickets for a lunch cruise in Sydney, here are some tips for you that ought to help.

Reach the departure location before boarding time

Yes, that’s right! ‘Boarding time’ and NOT ‘departure time’. Because, to be honest, we’ve had quite a few incidents where our customers missed the cruise because they reached the wharf a few minutes too late. If there’s one thing we’re not quite flexible with, it is time—we run on a strict schedule. Not to mention, we are not going to wait for that one delayed customer, at the cost of inconveniencing our guests and our own schedules. Also, we do not offer a refund in such circumstances.

Don’t forget to enjoy the views

Cruising isn’t always just about the abundance of food or drinks. A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise, as we mentioned, is one of the best ways to experience the world-famous destination. Our cruises have allocated viewing decks with ample space to roam around. They offer unobstructed views of the surrounding vista including the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Kirribilli House, Fort Denison, Campbell’s Cove and many more. Stand in awe as you cruise under and past the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House; don’t forget to click as many pictures as you like. If you’re opting for a buffet lunch cruise, you can perhaps take your food or drinks out to the decks and enjoy them while taking in the spectacular views.

Enjoy beverages from a licensed bar

Whether or not it’s your first time cruising, you sure will be in for a surprise whenever you get aboard. One of the oft-heard queries from our customers has been whether or not we serve tea/coffee on board. We do not serve tea or coffee on board our dining cruises as they’re clocked around meal hours. However, we do offer soft drinks and juices at our licensed bar. Very often, we have heard of people saying they avoid cruising as they’re prone to seasickness. But with our Sydney Harbour cruises, you can lose that worry. We have an amazing fleet of vessels that are designed with great stability and guarantee comfort.

Reach out to us for more clarity on the cruise itinerary

It’s always better to get your doubts cleared from the right person/people. But sadly, most people don’t bother making that boring call to customer care. However, we assure you we have a team of expert and friendly cruise consultants who will help you with all your concerns regarding our cruises. Or if you’re someone who generally dreads phone calls, we have that covered too. You may reach out to us at and we promise to get back to you at the earliest.

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