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Lift Up Your Spirits With a Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise

Dining experience in sydney
Sydney harbour lunch cruise

Feeling blue are you? Knock out the bad vibes the right way when in the famous harbour city! Spend a whole day lazing around the prestigious harbour or simply take a break from your busy schedule. A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise could be one of those activities to indulge in to lighten up your day.

Book one of our luxury lunch cruises for an unforgettable dining experience in Sydney that combines sightseeing and delicious food. On board these cruises, you're sure to see the best of the harbour in one go! With impeccable luxury interiors, delectable dining options and other class A amenities, your time on board the lunch cruise will surely be worth all the spend.  Even a glass of bubbly from the fully licensed bar on board would do the trick to lift your spirits should you wish to buy one. A lunch cruise at the harbour has been equally loved by many in the city—both tourists and locals. It is a grand and exuberant way to go around the harbour, watching all the marvellous sights that represent this majestic city to the world. You can see the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House from up-close and perhaps click the best photos of these edifices while you’re gliding past them. Book your tickets today for this promising sightseeing and dining experience. 

Not convinced? Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing way to see the city. When you stop at a restaurant, the first thing that attracts your attention will be the decor, right? On board a stylish lunch cruise such as ours, not only will you be impressed by the state-of-the-art interiors but also by the mesmerising backdrop that keeps changing throughout your journey!

Wait for the rest of it! Next comes the amiable staff on board taking you to your reserved dining table! Courteous service with a polite attitude by the staff is all it takes to set the tone for a pleasant experience by the harbour. A regular restaurant may offer a similar service without any doubt, but the whole ambience on board a luxury Sydney lunch cruise simply zests up the same for you. Once you're settled at your tables, the splendorous harbour sights will envelop you! Most often, the harbour has cast a very strong spell on the guests with its beauty, and all you have to do is stroll to the vast open decks and take in the unobstructed views to feel more enthralled and enchanted. You'll be surprised at how  the usual views of the harbour that you may see even hitherto look entirely different from on board a cruise. Go for a mini-vacation bang in the middle of the city!

Once you've had your fill of all the marvellous sights(which can take quite a long time, given the view), you may get back to your seats for the feast to begin. With a delicious meal waiting, all you need is an appetite to match. With both hot and cold selections, the buffet meal served on board the Magistic Cruises is sure to impress anyone. The banquet meal is another menu we offer, served on board the Clearview— you'll never run short of choices on this one! Choose your flavour of indulgence and bon appetit! Finish it off with a delicious dessert. Need a bit more to make the most of your lunch time? Pay for a beverage package from the licensed bar and Voila! Your experience is now complete.

Capture stunning pictures of the harbour attraction, cruise interiors and of course yourself in front of the majestic structures, before you get down. As rejuvenating as a day at a spa on a long holiday, ain't it? To make it a bit more irresistible, book early and you'll also be able to avail a great offer of Sydney's most popular lunch cruise. What more do you need? Book your harbour picnic experience today and say goodbye to all your winter blues!

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