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Celebrating Christmas In July The Sydney Way

Christmas in July, though not an official holiday in Sydney, has gained popularity as a mid-year festive celebration. While the traditional Australian Christmas season falls from November to December, where people soak up in the sun with a beach BBQ on Bondi Beach or choose to experience one of the Sydney Christmas party cruises, Sydneysiders have embraced the opportunity to bring a touch of winter charm to their holiday celebrations. Let's explore how Christmas is celebrated in July, adding a unique twist to the city’s winter festivities.

The History of Christmas Celebrations in July 

We're talking about Christmas in July, an Aussie tradition that started with a group of Irish tourists exploring Sydney's stunning Blue Mountains in 1980. Imagine their excitement when they stumbled upon snow during their summer getaway. They were so thrilled that they convinced a local hotel owner to throw a wild ‘Yulefest’ bash. That amazing celebration sparked a chain reaction, inspiring other businesses to jump on the Christmas bandwagon and host their own festive events, complete with awesome deals to sweeten the experience.

Why Sydneysiders celebrate Christmas in July

Australia, along with countries like New Zealand and South Africa, has a strong connection to British and European heritage. That's why Sydneysiders are drawn to those cosy family get-togethers, snuggling up in warm outfits, and devouring delicious food and hot drinks in front of a crackling fireplace. The general idea is to attempt a wintery Christmas that people don’t get Down Under. Many events go all out with fake snow, because a white Christmas, even if it's artificial, is better than none. Waiting a whole year for another dose of Christmas cheer is simply too long for most Sydneysiders. That’s why Sydney brings the festivities to July, spreading that holiday magic when they need it most. 

The Spirit of the Festive Season 

One can indulge in several activities that can embrace the spirit of the festive season to the winter in July.

  • Organise an Ugly Sweater Party - Take advantage of the season, and dress up in an ugly Christmas sweater for the occasion. Tag along your favourites and co-workers, compete for the ugliest sweater to have some fun. 
  • Gather Around The Fireplace - Toast marshmallows over the crackling fire and then pick a person who plays guitar in your group. It’s the perfect ambience for a cold winter night with your loved ones. 
  • A Winter Getaway - With the onset of winter holidays for kids, it’s the best occasion to go on a family trip. Break-free from the daily grind, chill and look out for the ideal places to experience White Christmas to the fullest.

Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to celebrate the holiday season twice a year. It’s also a warm-up for the Christmas celebrations, close to December. That’s when ‘the Harbour City’ livens up with activities to spread the festive cheer.  Treat your eyes to the Festival Light displays and lighting of the Martin Place Christmas Tree. Explore the various Christmas markets or better still, host a party on board one of the Sydney Christmas cruises. Imagine. A Christmas party lunch on the waters with your favourites that features spectacular waterfront dining with breathtaking harbour views. 

For now, get ready for a laid-back, yet wonderfully merry Christmas in July, where traditions collide with our Aussie spirit. It's time to create memories, enjoy the company of loved ones, and bask in the joy of the season. Come along and let's make this mid-year celebration one for the books. 

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