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Unique Dining Experiences Across the Globe

Lunch cruise
Luxury lunch cruise sydney harbour

Dining out at a restaurant that serves good food plus a great ambience is always a win, even if it is situated miles away from the city. It’s simply not about what is on their menu, but also about the locality, ambience and the overall service at the restaurants that decide its validity in people’s hearts. From having dinner in the sky to enjoying a lunch cruise or at any themed restaurant for that matter, you will be astonished to discover to what extent the restaurants across the globe have upped their games to attract more customers. Keep reading to discover some of the most interesting restaurants in the world today! 

Undersea Restaurant, Maldives 

Ever dreamed of going under the sea but had to chuck it because you can’t swim? This amazing restaurant in Maldives is submerged 15 feet below sea level in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, which boasts of pristine water bodies. Here, they serve up a delectable six-course seafood meal inside an all-glass tunnel, where you can see vibrant fish, an occasional shark swim in front of you and stingrays.

The Bubble Room, Florida

This multi-themed restaurant in Captiva Island, Florida is an eclectic restaurant which opened in 1979. It takes up all three stories of a house and is decorated with classic toys from the 1930s and 1940s. The staff at this restaurant are called “bubble scouts”, each wearing unique crazy-looking hats. “It’s always Christmas at the Bubble Room” is one of the themes at the restaurant, in the Elf Room which has perennial Christmas lights. The restaurant serves a number of original items such as Socra cheese, Bubble Bread, and a variety of colossal-sized desserts.

SnowCastle, Finland 

This winter-only dining experience in Sydney is available at the SnowCastle of Kemi, a wonderland of snowy floors and ice sculptures like something out of a fairy tale. There is no doubt that dining here at the snow restaurant will be unlike any place you’ve dined before. Parsnip soup, braised beef brisket and Arctic berry crumble are some of the hearty dishes on the menu. But what draws you more to this place is the setting. Every winter, the entire castle where the restaurant is located is sculpted out from scratch using ice and snow, including the illuminated dining tables which are carved from frozen seawater. 

Modern Toilet, China 

This quirky place of a restaurant in Taipei City, China is all about humour—where everything from its seats to cutleries shaped like things you find in a toilet. Yes that’s right! The idea for this restaurant was inspired and conceived by one of the founders of the place while he was reading while sitting on a toilet. Although, they initially sold only ice creams—a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a toilet. Later, a full-fledged bathroom-themed restaurant was launched serving more than just ice cream. Drop in to this restaurant, if this piques your curiosity.   

Lunch Cruises, Sydney Sydney is one of the top tourist destinations in the world as it is home to some of the best-known architectural wonders of the world, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. A luxury lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour is one of the finest tourist experiences you can have, that too at a reasonable rate. These cruises serve freshly prepared dishes, served hot straight out of the kitchen. While enjoying your food, you will cruise by the major harbour attractions and get close-up views of them all. It’s a perfect way to capture the best photos of these structures too. Hop aboard one of these cruises to know what more they have in store for you!

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